Jen Rao on Self Sabotage

Jen Rao’s article on self-sabotage is succinct and insightful. Here’s my hot-take on it.

You are your own worst enemy. I tell my kids this all the time when it comes to sports. It’s proven very true for me over the years in business as well.

I don’t often go for self-help type articles, but Jen Rao’s article was direct, succinct and insightful:

Jen Rao on Self-Sabotage, via

The one that made me read to the end was “busy work”. I recently had a Twitter exchange with my friend Josh Pollock about that

Josh puts the important stuff first to avoid busy work and procrastination.

Jen wraps it all up affirming that we all do these things, and there’s ways to tackle them with effort and determination.

It’s a great read, I’d love to hear your hot-take.